Netflix's 'Bling Empire' Hypes Up the Glitz and Glamour of Real-Life Rich Asians: Watch Trailer

Netflix's Bling Empire

The reality series, giving off serious 'Crazy Rich Asian' vibes, drops Jan. 15.

"I feel like crazy attracts crazy."

That's certainly the case in Netflix's Bling Empire, the upcoming reality series taking Crazy Rich Asians quite literally. The new series follows a wealthy group of Asian and Asian American friends and nemeses in Los Angeles. While they spend their days attending luxurious parties and going on expensive shopping sprees, there's more to their extravagant lifestyles and multibillion-dollar businesses than meets the eye. 

Officially launching Jan. 15, Bling Empire introduces viewers into the high-flying world of excess through the ab-obsessed Kevin: "My friends, they're a little kooky but they mean well. They have the whole world at their disposal. And I'm just like, 'Oh my god, this is real.'"

There's Kane, who likes to buy expensive things; Christine, whose husband's father "would be an emperor" in China; Kelly, who isn't interested in dating to climb the social ladder; Kim, a popular club DJ; Cherie, an heiress to a denim empire; and Anna, whose father, well, "sells bombs, guns..." We'll let that one go... for now.

But, while it appears like they all live easy, free-flowing lives where money isn't an issue, the trailer hints at larger issues behind the curtain. As a producer asks Christine about a conflict that's come up that seems more serious, she hesitates before acknowledging the magnitude of what's going on, whatever it is. "There's a lot more to it," she says.

And we're not even scratching the surface of the dramatics that are to come. Watch the official trailer below.

Bling Empire drops Friday, Jan. 15 on Netflix.

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