Neve Campbell Talks ‘Scream 5’ & Fighting Fear During the Pandemic (Exclusive)

Campbell tells us she can’t wait to reunite with old co-stars from the horror film franchise like David Arquette and Courteney Cox.

Neve Campbell is ready to make us scream once again! The actress recently confirmed she will be joining the cast of Scream 5, and tells us she can’t wait to reunite with old co-stars from the horror film franchise, like David Arquette and Courteney Cox.

“I am leaving soon [and] I am looking forward to getting back to work,” Campbell, 47, told ET’s Matt Cohen. “It will be the first time since March and I am sure we are all dealing with getting back to work, so I am excited about that.”

“I am excited [about] stepping back in Sidney's shoes and seeing Courteney and David,” she continued. “Those movies mean so much to me for my life and career and they are always a blast to do, so it should be fun!”

The first Scream film came out in 1996 and Arquette told ET in August he’s hoping to resurrect his character, Sheriff Riley’s, iconic moustache for the new movie.

Meanwhile, Jenna Ortega recently told us that getting cast in the film is a “dream come true.”

In the meantime, Campbell stars in the new film, Clouds, streaming on Disney+ from Oct. 16.

Directed by Justin Baldoni, the musical film follows a teenager named Zach, who forms a band and releases an inspirational single, “Clouds.” During his final year of high school -- right as his crush finally shows interest in him -- life takes a dire turn as he learns his cancer has spread and that he only has six months to live.

The movie is based on Laura Sobiech’s book, Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom's Small Prayer in a Big Way, which left Campbell bawling her eyes out in bed as she read it the night before meeting with the author.

“This is a parent's worst nightmare, right?” Campbell said. “I'm a mom of two young boys, so the idea of going through this is terrifying and very heart-wrenching. Reading her book, she's just so raw and honest about the journey and how challenging it was, but also about how she's grown, what she's learned, how she's inspired by her son and how she bolstered this family and held her children up -- and her husband up -- during this journey.”

Campbell believes the timing of the film is perfect, given the tough year that many people have experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since March, we've all been living in a great amount of fear, anxiety, panic and uncertainty and it's very easy to let you head spin,” she explained. “I say it in the film -- you get to choose what your story is going to be. That was Zach's message as well: be in the present. Because we can live in fear. It could be our choice right now in this pandemic. But we can [also] make a choice [to] be safe but present, positive and not live in fear.”

“I think it's an important message for all of us in the moment, so I'm hoping that this film can help people a little bit with that,” she added.

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