David Arquette Says Co-Parenting Helped Him Form a 'Great' Relationship With Courteney Cox

David Arquette in June 2019
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David Arquette is sharing how co-parenting with Courteney Cox has helped the former couple maintain a great relationship. The actors share a 16-year-old daughter, Coco, from their decade-plus marriage, which officially ended in 2013.

"We’re co-parents to our daughter who’s 16, so we have a really great relationship," Arquette told Yahoo! Entertainment. "We’re friends, and we’ve communicated a lot because of Coco."

"We’ve just had -- not an easy time with it,” he continued. “We’ve been really open and supportive of each other. We never went head-to-head [or] battled each other through the process of divorce and through the process of raising our kid, so it’s made for a friendship and relationship that is out of respect."

As Coco gets older -- and is already a TikTok star with her mom -- Arquette admitted that facing the teenage years comes with extra challenges. "Our daughter’s really great. There’s difficult parts, especially through the teenage years,” he said. “There’s a lot of emotions and feelings.”

As they continue working together to raise their girl, Arquette and Cox are also close on a professional front -- they’re thrilled to be preparing to reunite on the big screen for Scream 5.

Arquette and Cox met on the set of the first Scream film in 1996, then got married in 1999, before separating in 2010.

“We always love working together,” Arquette recently told ET about teaming up on Scream 5. “She's an incredible actress, so it'll be fun to bring these characters back to life and see where they're at."

"I just want them to be true to the characters," he added, about where he wants to see their alter egos, Gale Weathers and Sheriff Dewey Riley, go in the upcoming sequel.

As for Sheriff Riley’s signature mustache, Arquette confirmed he’s working on reprising it! "Oh my gosh, have grown the mustache out as we speak," he said. "Hopefully, [filming] happens soon or I'm gonna have a big mustache."

In his latest interview, Arquette also gave fans an update on Neve Campbell, whom he described as the “heart and soul of the franchise,” saying filmmakers were still waiting to hear if she would be joining the reunion.

Campbell told ET in May that conversations were "being had" about the project. "There was a lot of talk about it," she said. "I wasn't sure it was going to happen and I was approached six weeks ago, but the timing's not great right now, obviously. We're starting conversations, we're starting negotiations, but who knows how and when studios are going to open again."

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