Coco Arquette Hilariously Grills Mom Courteney Cox on Pregnancy and Parenthood

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After decades in showbiz, Courteney Cox faced one of her biggest interviews yet -- conducted by her 15-year-old daughter, Coco!

In honor of Courteney’s Facebook Watch series, 9 Months With Courteney Cox, premiering its second season on Tuesday, Coco grilled her mom on pregnancy and parenthood.

The docuseries follows the pregnancy stories of 10 families across America and has a Facebook Group, whose members submitted questions for Coco to ask.

“I’m so uncomfortable it hurts,” Coco says after being introduced by her mom in the fun video.

First up, Coco asks Courteney to describe her pregnancy journey in three words.

“Exciting, emotional, great,” the actress responds.

Next, Courteney, 55, shares that cottage cheese with tomato was her favorite pregnancy food, which prompts Coco to respond, “That’s disgusting.”

“Tell me the first word you associate with babies,” Coco asks next, to which Courteney replies, “Adorable.”

As for how Courteney would describe Coco as a child? “Absolutely adorable, curious, incredible sense of humor and quirky.”

Appearing embarrassed, Coco then responds “You’re annoying,” before jumping on her mom’s lap for a cuddle.

Courteney shares Coco with her ex-husband David Arquette, who recently talked to ET about how much he’s missing his girl during quarantine. However, he has seen her fun musical performances on social media and couldn’t be prouder of her talents.

"She's incredible," he said. "She's got more talent than I ever had or ever could. And confidence, which is really amazing. So, I'm super proud of her."

Coco isn’t just a star interviewer and TikTok performer. Alongside Courteney, she appears in David’s new wrestling documentary, You Cannot Kill David Arquette, which chronicles his longtime passion for the sport.

"One of my favorite parts is that Coco wasn't embarrassed by it,” he said. “For her not to be embarrassed is just a huge win in general, so that really made me feel good. They liked it a lot. It's really sweet that they supported me. When I first won the championship, I was married to [Courteney], so it was nice of her to be a part of the film."

See more on the family below.


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