Newlyweds Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts Share Their Love Story

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts

The cute couple sat down for their first joint interview on Wednesday since tying the knot in August.

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts couldn't be a cuter couple. The newlyweds sat down with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Wednesday, and they opened up about their romance.

The union came as a surprise to some -- as Nash had previously been married twice, both times to men, and just finalized her divorce from Jay Tucker in March. However, for Nash, love is love and she found it with Betts.

"I was asked, 'Is this your official coming out?' and I was like, 'Coming out from where?' I wasn't anywhere to come out of," Nash shared. "I never lived a sexually repressed life. I just love who I love when I love them."

Echoing sentiments she shared with People in September, Nash said the marriage has "nothing to do with gender."

"It has everything to do with being an amazing person and she is the most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life," Nash shared with a smile while sitting next to her new wife during their video chat interview.

The pair first met over four years ago, and became quick friends -- as Nash was immediately a fan of Betts' music. However, the spark between them was truly ignited when Betts appeared in Nash's TV series, Claws, in 2018.

When asked if she knew she had feelings for Nash immediately, Betts said, "I knew there was something the moment I met her."

"But when I fell in love with [Niecy] is when I desired no one else," Betts added. "[Then] I knew."

For Nash, she said she'd always felt connected to Betts since the start of their friendship, even if the romantic aspect of their relationship developed more recently.

"Our being in love is new, but loving her as a soul, I've done that from the beginning," Nash shared.

Betts also dropped a new music video for her single "Catch Me," and the artist's new wife stars in the stunning project.

Nash appears in her wedding dress on the beach as Betts belts out the emotional, romantic tune while strumming her guitar next to the crashing ocean waves.

According to Nash, it was the lyrics to the passionate tune that first made her realize how special Betts was to her life.

"What [the song's lyrics] said to me was that 'This is what I'm looking for! That is the missing ingredient!' ... I absolutely fully want someone to see me," she shared. "And that is when I knew I was fully in love, when I felt fully seen and fully accepted - probably for the first time in my life."

Reflecting on their future plans and their desire to work together on projects in the coming years, Nash said they are talking about their potential joint endeavors.

"We are actually trying to find the place where both of our art intersects," Nash shared. "So we're working on something like that right now."

For more on the couple's gorgeous, intimate wedding ceremony and their romantic journey, see the video below.