Maksim Apologizes To Fans For Fall


Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kirstie Alley took a spill on last night's “Dancing with the Stars.” Now, both are tweeting about the unfortunate mishap.

Maks tweeted, "To all the fans...I'm sorry! It will never happen again and I will never 'fall'! To @kirstiealley You were..FLAWLESS! In more ways than one!"

Kirstie assured fans that Maks was okay. She tweeted, "Maks is fine!!..He's a pro...Dancers live through lots of pain... But thanks for your concern!!"

Maks also received support from former dance partner, Brandy via Twitter. She wrote, "I admire you so much!!!! You and @kirstiealley will be fine! Your beautiful dance represented "you can keep champions down"!! Luv."

The couple scored 21 out of a possible 30 points. Last night, Maks assured ET's Chris Jacobs that, "Nobody's taking my spot," adding "[his] thigh just gave out." Check out the full interview here.

Watch the “Dancing with the Stars” results show tonight on ABC to see who gets eliminated.