Donny Osmond on Marie Osmond's Surprise Wedding: It Was a Perfect Cinderella Story


Thrilled brother Donny Osmond talks to ET exclusively about his sister Marie's wedding to her first husband Steve Craig earlier today in Las Vegas.

"This was a last-minute thing," he tells ET. "Not very many people knew about it. Marie told me so I had to keep it very quiet. She wanted it simple and that's what it was."

Donny tells ET that besides it being Marie's wedding day, it's also the birthday of his and Marie's mother and her late son Michael. He goes on to say that he's thrilled that Steve is officially part of the family again.

"I was hoping Steve would be my brother-in-law again," he says. "Steve has always been a very special part of Marie's heart. It was a perfect Cinderella story with a fairy tale ending. They were sealed together again, forever."

"Despite what has happened in the past, these two people are right for each other," Donny tells ET.  "My sister is so happy."