Charlie Sheen Has Charity Date Night With Last Remaining 'Goddess'


Charlie Sheen made a appearance last night with girlfriend Natalie Kenly at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala in Los Angeles, and in speaking with ET/INSIDER, he admits he would like to set a few things straight regarding his much-talked-about "Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour" as well as his very public family troubles of late.  

Charlie conceded to mistakes in the marketing, believing that if he had "let people know ahead of time what the show is," the fans wouldn't have created an inflated idea "that [he] was going to come out there and explode in a fireball of cash and hot women." He is certain that a major component of the tour's overwhelmingly poor feedback had everything to do with a misunderstanding of the show coming into it.

Friend and former New York Mets player, Todd Zeile says he invited Sheen to the event because "a lot of people don't realize the kind of generosity he has," and that Charlie's charity often goes unnoticed.

As for his charity work with Sean Penn, Charlie says they "talked about that before [he] went on tour," and their work to help the less fortunate will resume as "soon as [he] can get back in touch with Sean."

Despite appearances of a rocky public relationship with father Martin, Charlie insists that he is "doing great" and that he and his father have "been speaking quite a bit lately." He also adds that both he and girlfriend Natalie have frequent contact with twin sons Bob and Max and will, in fact, be seeing them tomorrow.