Is Prince William Going To War?


Christopher Andersen
, author of William and Kate: A Royal Love Story, sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss the possibility of scandalous royal photos surfacing, and if Prince William will spend time in Afghanistan.

Andersen notes that in 2008, Pippa Middleton's digital camera was stolen after her family spent time on vacation with Prince William. Two men tried to sell the photos to a London tabloid, but they were turned down. After the police were alerted of the situation, the camera was returned, but Andersen says no one knows if anyone made copies of the photos before they were returned.

Andersen also says that Prince William may finally serve time in Afghanistan this winter after he and Kate Middletonreturn from their royal tours of Canada and America. Andersen says that British army officials allegedly have plans to sneak William out of the country as they had done with Prince Harry years before.

Check out the video to hear Andersen discuss more of the issues facing the royals in the coming months.