Newsweek Imagines Princess Diana at 50


On July 1, 2011, Princess Diana would have turned 50 years old. Journalist Tina Brown sat down to discuss her new article in Newsweek, in which she speculates what Diana might have been like if she were alive today.

Diana's humanitarian efforts would have continued, according to Brown, and she thinks that Diana would have been involved in many of the recent global disasters such as Haiti's earthquake, Japan's tsunami, and even Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Brown also says that Diana would offer advice to Kate Middleton on her trip with Prince William to California. "I think Diana would have given lots of advice to Kate on her trip to America," says Brown. "She would have been preparing Kate for the great adoration and how exciting it was all going to be."

Brown also discusses what might have become of Prince Charles and Diana's relationship saying that they "would have definitely found a way to be friends. I think they would have found they had a lot in common" especially their fondness for humanitarian causes.

For more on what Diana might have been like at 50, click the video above to hear Tina Brown's interview.