Watch: Sharon Osbourne's Intimate Amy Winehouse Memories


Few people saw the side of Amy Winehouse that Sharon Osbourne, whose daughter Kelly Osbourne was close friends with Amy, saw. And now with the untimely passing of the troubled 27-year-old singer, Sharon took to "The Talk" Monday to remember the "sweetheart of a girl" she knew.

Sharon first met Amy before she hit it big with her breakout single "Rehab", when Amy stayed with the Osbournes while doing promotion in the U.S.

"The first time I ever met Amy, Kelly said, 'I have a friend from England coming over to do some promotion ... she doesn't like to stay in hotels, can she stay with us?'," she recalls.

"And this tiny little bird of a girl comes in, and she looked like a bird in a nest, because her hair's like a nest and she comes in [this] sweetheart of a girl ... just a lovely, lovely girl."

She also remembers Amy's incredible talent, noting that she was one of the only artists to actually sing live on "The Sharon Osbourne Show" in England.

As for Amy's well-documented struggle with addiction, Sharon claims that she "never saw that side of her."

"Yeah when we first knew her she drank a lot but you know, you think, 'she's young, she's enjoying her life, she's finding her path, she'll get over that' ... but then it was the drugs. But I never saw that side of her."

Check out the video to hear Sharon's intimate memories with the late singer, as well as details on Kelly's close friendship with Amy.