Actor Gerard Depardieu Pees in Airplane Cabin

Getty Images

French actor Gerard Depardieu urinated on the floor of an Air France plane after flight attendants told him to wait 15 minutes before using the restrooms aboard a flight departing Paris.

A passenger on the plane quoted Depardieu as saying aboard the Tuesday night flight: "'I need to piss, I need to piss," according to France's Europe-1 radio. The passenger, identified only by her first name Daniele, said the actor appeared inebriated and when the cabin crew told him to remain seated during takeoff, "he stood up and did it (urinated) on the ground."

The peeing incident caused the flight from Paris to Dublin to be delayed nearly two hours while crews cleaned up the mess. 

Air France confirmed Depardieu's actions, but
did not announce whether it planned to take any action against the