Jeff Probst on New 'Survivor' Twists and Cast


Survivor host Jeff Probst recently gave ET his take on Survivor: South Pacific's newest cast members, which includes everyone from a Jersey girl, a marijuana dispenser, to notorious Survivor villain Russell Hantz's 19-year-old nephew Brandon Hantz.

"I think one day in we might have a very good cast for Survivor: South Pacific," Probst tell ET excitedly.

He also reveals that Survivor: South Pacific is bringing back one of the biggest show shake-ups from last season, Redemption Island, where contestants are not voted out of the game, but instead voted out of their tribe and sent to Redemption Island where they'll face off in a duel with a fellow voted-off contestant.

"We're bringing back Redemption Island again this season, everyone seemed to love it last season including me, and I like it because it is a second chance," Probst explains. "It's gonna be difficult but not impossible," he says of Redemption Island survivors' chances to get back into the game.

Check out the video for a peek at some of the new season's most interesting cast members, and to see yet another cast shake-up revealed.

Survivor: South Pacific, filmed in Samoa, kicks off September 14 on CBS.