WATCH: Jon Hamm Mistaken For 'Batman'


Mad Men's Jon Hamm was popular enough to create a paparazzi frenzy outside celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night, but too bad he was mistaken for another "man" -- Batman!

As an excited paparazzo yelled "What up Mad Men?", another cameraman mistakenly heard "Batman" and continued to ask a stony-faced Hamm Batman-related questions.

"What was one of your big challenges taking on the role of Batman?", he continuously asks.

"It's 'Mad Men', Mad Men!," someone finally corrects him.

"Oh Mad Men, oops," he chuckles, as fellow paparazzi laugh loudly. "I thought he was Batman, it just sounds so alike!"

The earnest cameraman finally gets it right though saying, "Thanks for Sucker Punch!," effectively reminding Hamm of the box office bomb and critically-panned Zack Snyder film he played a bit part in.

Sometimes you should just quit while you're ahead.

Check out the video to see the hilarious case of mistaken identity.