Witness: Reese 'Bleeding From Head' After Crash


Reese Witherspoon was hospitalized Wednesday afternoon after she was stuck by a motorist in Santa Monica. Although her injuries were not life threatening, an eyewitness on the scene tells ET the actress was left bruised and bleeding following the collision.

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Alma Hill, a resident on the Santa Monica street where Reese was his hit, explains that although she was not present at the moment of impact, she came upon the scene to find Witherspoon sitting on the sidewalk with the 84-yr-old driver who hit her, waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

"She was bleeding from the side of her head," recalls Hill. "She held a towel against her head to keep it from bleeding. She was quite lucid talking to the lady who hit her. It was an elderly lady and she kept saying, 'please don't sue me. I have nothing'." In reply, Reese was "lovely" Alma says, telling the woman she "wouldn't think" of suing her.

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According to Hill, the actress's leg was "quite bruised," adding she overheard a witness to the collision say Witherspoon was "tumbled into the air and ended up on the grass." The witness believes that although Reese landed on the lawn, her head most definitely struck the sidewalk of 20th St. and Georgina Ave., as numerous drops of fresh blood can be seen dotting the cement.

Reese's rep tells ET the actress was not seriously injured and is currently resting at home.

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