Taylor Armstrong's Manager Clears Up Rumors

Getty Images

Taylor Armstrong's manager Robert Thorne has exclusively released a statement to ET in an attempt to clear up confusion surrounding The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star's two eye injuries.

Last week, ET released photos of the reality star's eye injury that she claims was caused by her late husband Russell. The blow to her right eye caused bruising and required surgery.

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Various media reported a second injury to Taylor's left eye, but Robert says this injury was caused by "an athletic incident, a kicked or thrown soccer ball" that had nothing to do with Russell.

"The misinformation reported this week repeatedly has apparently if not obviously confused the two injuries," Robert noted. Robert went on to say, "Taylor's post-surgical recovery from the injury to her right eye is a long road and ongoing, but she is doing well. Taylor does want to thank so many for their outpouring of sincere support in her most difficult time, support she finds so touching."

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