Paramedic: Murray Never Mentioned Use of Propofol

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Paramedic: Murray Never Mentioned Use of Propofol

Day four of the Michael Jackson death trial, with Dr. Conrad Murray facing involuntary manslaughter charges, has wrapped up after two more witnesses took the stand in the afternoon session. 

Firefighter and paramedic Martin Blount was on the stand to discuss what he saw when arriving on the scene at the Jackson household. Blount testified that he felt Michael was already dead by the time that he helped administer CPR and never had seen any heart activity after they arrived.

Blount also testified that he overheard a conversation between paramedic Richard Senneff, who testified prior to Blount, and Dr. Conrad Murray and said that Murray had never told paramedics that he had administered Lidocaine, Propofol, nor any other prescription medications.

Taking the stand after paramedic Blount was Dr. Richelle Cooper, the Emergency Room doctor who attended to Michael Jackson after he arrived at the hospital. Cooper testified that she had asked Murray what medications he had given Michael, to which Murray responded that he gave the pop star 4 milligrams of Lorazepam but mentioned no other drugs.

Cooper then testified that she had asked what other drugs Jackson had been taking, and Murray responded with Flomax, for an enlarged prostate, and Valium.

Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter, with the prosecution arguing that he gave Jackson a lethal dose of the powerful sedative Propofol. The defense will argue that Jackson was a drug addict who self-medicated himself.

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