Lea Michele on Virginity Scene with Cory Monteith


ET's special correspondent Christina McLarty catches up with Glee star Lea Michele, who says she wasn't uncomfortable filming a sex scene for an upcoming episode in which her character loses her virginity. But she was afraid her co-star Cory Monteith might try to make her laugh during the steamy encounter.  

Lea was speaking Monday as she arrived to be honored alongside several others as Glamour magazine's 2011 Women of the Year in New York City. The actress explained how she prepared for the sex scene. "So I sat down with Cory and I was like, okay, we're doing this. Please, just don't make me laugh -- just keep it serious."

She added that doing the scene with Cory made the whole experience a whole lot easier to get through. "But it was really wonderful, I have to say. I adore him so much, and
I'm so thankful that I got to do that with him. You know he, as an actor,
challenges me, and I just felt so comfortable with him."

Jennifer Lopez was also honored as one of the magazine's Women of the Year and she gave credit to all the lovely ladies in her life who have served as her inspiration for her career and personal life. "I have so many important and wonderful, beautiful women in my life who help me through every single moment in my life. You know, the good times and the bad times."

Glamour's Women of the Year Awards -- sponsored by L'Oréal Paris -- recognizes "courageous and inspiring women who are changing the world." Watch the video to see interviews with additional honorees Chelsea Handler, former First Lady Laura Bush and her daughters, Jenna and Barbara.