Dick Clark's Letters to Nancy

Nancy O'Dell

Over the years, our Nancy O'Dell had a very special friendship with Dick Clark as she worked with him on several of his TV productions, including the Golden Globe Awards Arrival Special.

Now, Nancy is sharing a personal photo (with Dick and her parents, Leonard and Betty Humphries) and "thank you" letters from Dick in memory of the legendary entertainment icon, who passed away from a heart attack Wednesday at 82.

To read three of the letters, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Nancy tells ET, "I adored him and he was so VERY instrumental in my broadcasting career. He was so nice to me. He taught me tons about being a broadcaster and was always such a cheerleader early on in my entertainment career. He gave me the honor of hosting so many of his Dick Clark Productions shows over 12 years, lots with him as my co-host."

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She continues, "He would always call personally to ask me and then he would write notes every year after saying thank you...that was the kind of man he was. He even wrote me a note after the 2005 broadcast of the Golden Globes Arrivals Show. He suffered the stroke only a month before and wrote the note attached here to say sorry he couldn't be there that year, but wanted me to know he watched from home and to say thank you. How cool is that. Of course, all these things were saved in my scrapbooks..... because he was a favorite person of mine and a legend."

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