A Day in the Life of Dannielynn


When Anna Nicole Smith died five years ago, the world lost one of its biggest sex symbols. But far more importantly, a baby girl lost her loving mother. Dannielynn was only five months old when tragedy struck. So how is she doing today? ET's Mark Steines was invited by her father Larry Birkhead inside their home to find out. Watch the video!

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She is your typical five-year-old girl -- she's playful, loves to put on makeup, and just like her mom, Anna Nicole, the camera absolutely loves her. Her pink bedroom is filled with toys and her art.

Memories of Anna are everywhere, from the photos over Larry's bed to an image of Anna in stone, which has been a Dannielynn favorite for years. Dannielynn knows that's her mom, but she doesn't fully understand exactly what that means.

"She looks so much like her mom that I think that it's easy for people to make the comparisons," says Larry. "They want to know if she's gonna do this or do that or acting and modeling, and the thing is I don't push her into things. I actually get tons of people asking me to do certain things, and I'm so protective, I turn so many things down."

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Dannielynn is also just as strong-willed as her mom was, and she's on her way to becoming almost as famous.

"She's like trending on Yahoo, like No. 4," says Larry. "She knows people take pictures, and she knows that people follow and different things, and I've had to make a couple adjustments, you know? We go to Disney with the disguise and stuff like that."

So, does Dannielynn have a favorite song or artist? You guessed it: Justin Bieber!

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