Michelle Obama Fantasizes of Being Beyonce

Beyonce and Michelle Obama
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Many would argue that Michelle Obama is living the dream—bunking in the White House and traveling the world in style. Confident and content with who she is, the First Lady nonetheless has a tinge of idolization of the pop star life of Beyonce.

"If I had some gift, I'd be Beyonce. I'd be some great singer. The power of music, being able to play an instrument… It looks like musicians just have the most fun," Mrs. Obama confessed to People.

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Beyonce would no doubt be flattered. President Barack Obama and his dear wife swayed to her serenade of Etta James' At Last at his inaugural ball. The First Lady revealed that when her husband is finished serving the country, she wants to dedicate time to finally take the piano lessons she ceased in 7th grade.

The couple hopes to instill a creative itch in their daughters' education. "Barack and I talked about how important it is for the girls to embrace [math and science] as well as the arts," she said of the academic goals they've set.

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The Commander in Chief has publicly displayed his singing aspirations and his wife let it slip that he belts out tunes in the White House. "He loves it in the shower in the morning, sings to the kids. But it's not a song. He'll sing one line of something romantic or cute," she gushed.

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The complete interview appears in the June 4 issue of People.