Tyler Perry Evaluates Bobbi Kristina's Acting

Tyler Perry Evaluates Bobbi Kristina's Acting

On location for America's Next Top Model, on which he will make a guest appearance this upcoming season with friend Tyra Banks, Tyler Perry discussed his recent defense of Bobbi Kristina and shared his candid thoughts about her acting ability.

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"What I've noticed is that when these kind of rumors start, the best thing to do is to immediately go after them," Perry said of his quick response last week via his website to deny rumors that Bobbi Kristina had walked off the set of his new sitcom that he cast her in, For Better or Worse.

"What I want more than anything for her is to have a moment of peace to herself, to grieve, to go through what she needs to go through without the lies, without the rumors, without all the horrible things that are being said," he added. "That's very important to me."

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The show, which will premiere later this fall, is Bobbi Kristina's first acting gig, which has many critics wondering what her performance will be like. However, Perry isn't worried about her acting ability and revealed that she has been doing a great job so far.

"I'm so proud of her because she said she wanted to act and I had a feeling she could but I wasn't sure until she hit the set," he said. "The first couple of shows she did, she had very few lines because I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but the kid showed up and blew my mind. She definitely has it. She's a definite actors, and she can go as far as she wants to go in the business."

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In his guest appearance on Top Model, Perry will be mentoring the models in what Tyra Banks referred to as a "character acting challenge" in which he will be giving them advice on how to commit to their assigned character, a skill that has shaped Perry's career.

Check out the full video above to hear Banks talk about the new format of the show, which includes a brand-new judging panel that includes fan voters. Also check out what Perry has to say about the next Madea movie, and to find out which star stopped by the set. America's Next Top Model will begin its 19th cycle this fall on the CW.