Naomi Judd's One-on-One Interview with Ashley


For the first time, Naomi Judd is sitting down with her famous daughter Ashley for a wide-ranging interview to include details about how their relationship "shifted" after Ashley published a book last year revealing she  suffered sexual abuse as a child.  

Naomi told ET that although they've made many joint appearances over the years, the two will sit down one-to-one for the first time during Friday's launch of her new limited-run six-week series on SiriusXM.

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"We really got honest about some of the aspects of our relationship," Naomi reveals about the intimate chat with her daughter. "And I'm a very simple and practical person and I wanted to list some of the everyday techniques we've used that really have caused a shift in our relationship. Stuff I wish I'd known a long time ago."

When she published her book All That is Bitter & Sweet last year, Ashley said she'd never told her mother of the abuse before. Both Naomi and her other daughter and musical partner Wynonna Judd, have said they suffered sexual abuse as well.

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Naomi's show Think Twice premieres tomorrow, June 8 at 10:00 a.m. on SiriusXM Stars channel.107 and will continue in the same time slot through July 13.