Kirstie Alley Sued Over Weight-Loss Allegations

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Kirstie Alley's astonishing slim down may have given her better health and confidence, but now the star's weight loss claims have become the center of a lawsuit. Read on for details, including Organic Liaison's response...

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A woman named Marina Abramyan has filed a class action lawsuit, against the former Dancing with the Stars contestant, alleging that Alley has been dishonest about how she shed 100 lbs.

"In peddling the Organic Liaison Programs, Ms. Alley attributes her weight loss to the program, but in reality, Ms. Alley's weight loss is due to nothing more than the tried and true concept of diet and exercise," the suit states.

Abramyan claims to be a client of Alley's weight-loss program that she accuses of selling "over-the-counter fiber and calcium supplements that are not miraculous weight-loss pills."

The suit seeks an unspecified amount in damages.

Reps on behalf of Organic Liaison tell ET, "The claims against Ms. Alley and Organic Liason are patently false. Ms. Alley began her weight loss on the Organic Liaison program in early 2010. Ms. Alley had lost about 70 pounds prior to her participation as a contestant on DWTS in the Spring of 2011. That loss of weight was documented in Ms. Alley's numerous appearances during that time frame on talk shows, numerous magazine articles and on QVC. Subsequently, during the nearly 3 month period that Ms. Alley competed on DWTS, she lost approximately another 20 pounds. Ms. Alley did not reach the 100 pound weight loss milestone on the Organic Liaison program until months after her participation in DWTS had ended. As such, contrary to Abramyan's assertion, it was not several hours a day of vigorous dancing related to DWTS that caused her weight loss; it was her studious adherence to the Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program that caused the loss; that Program contains and requires regular exercise for success. As just mentioned, the Organic Liaison program expressly includes, as a fitness plan, regular, daily exercise as part of its weight loss program. Organic Liaison even provides consumers with a 'calories burned' chart to track the amount of calories they are burning through regular exercise. Organic Liaison's website promotes rigorous daily exercise such as jumping rope and dancing.

"Ms. Alley participated in DWTS for only a short period of time during her approximately 1 1/2 year participation in the Organic Liaison program; the vast majority of her weight loss had nothing to do with her participation in that show. It is Ms. Alley's persistence over 1 1/2 years on the Organic Liaison program, coupled with regular exercise, that lead to her dramatic weight loss over that time period; this is consistent with Organic Liaison's advertising and representations, none of which create false net impressions to the reasonable consumer. Ms. Alley's dramatic weight loss occurred because she stuck with the Program during the entire relevant time frame, losing 1 to 2 pounds per week, which is approximately the rate of loss recommended by the Program for healthy, long term weight loss.

"Organic Liaison is an advanced weight loss system with products which, when taken as directed, do exactly as advertised -- help users to lose weight. Rescue Me aids weight loss through an advance formula of over 32 high quality ingredients which reduces cravings for food and appetite. In addition, Organic Liaison products such as Release Me prevent muscle soreness in order to promote regular exercise, necessary to success of the Program, while Organic Liaison's Relieve Me supports colon cleansing, which aids weight loss, prevents fluid retention and bloating. Further, Nightingale, the all-natural liquid formula sleep aide which contains ingredients which enhance relaxation and sleep, while helping to reduce carbohydrate cravings and alleviate muscle pains. Thousands of users have successfully lost weight and made healthy lifestyle changes by following the Organic Liaison program. We will vigorously defend ourselves against these frivolous claims."