Mayim Bialik Finds Comic Relief in Injury

Getty Images

Mayim Bialik is looking on the bright side of life after being involved in a car accident last week. In a new blog posted on Monday, The Big Bang Theory actress somewhat humorously chronicled the series of events that left her hand injured on that fateful day.

Anticipating her wound will take months to heal, Mayim enlisted her assistant Brandon to type her message to fans. "I'm going to be okay," she assured. "I have all my fingers. I can even feel all of them. I can move all of them, too."

At a time when most victims would panic about the injury incurred, in true Hollywood fashion, Mayim was more concerned about not getting blood on the dress loaned to her by her stylist and disposing of her fake eyelashes. Putting her neuroscience degree to use, she also wanted to make sure her bobby pins got removed from her hair if she had to go in for an MRI.

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Two Dr. 90210-esque plastic surgeons operated on Mayim's maimed hand. The actress revealed that as a teenager, she dreamt of breaking her nose as a legitimate excuse to get rhinoplasty. "Since having children, I've thought of plastic surgery many times," she said of the recurring notion.

In conclusion, Mayim ended her post with the message: "Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your thoughts. Thank you for driving safely." Since the accident, she has already been back to work on the set of The Big Bang Theory.