J.Lo's Advice For Britney and Mariah


As Britney Spears and Mariah Carey gear up for their debut as judges on The X Factor USA and American Idol, respectively, Idol alum Jennifer Lopez offers the following advice for her talent show protégés. 

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"I always kind of just spoke right from the heart, and how I would want someone to speak to me if I was in that position," imparts Lopez, who announced her exit from the show after two seasons in mid-July. "It's just about being relaxed and being honest, and being yourself… If you try and think too much about what people might think or what you're saying too much, I think you get lost."

When asked how Carey specifically would likely fare in the hot seat, Lopez relayed her complete confidence in the five-time Grammy winner.

"So long as she's honest and speaks from the heart and just is herself, I think she'll be fine."

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In the month or so since taking her leave from Idol, Lopez embarked on her very first headlining tour with none other than her sexy and talented pal, Enrique Iglesias. In addition to a relentless schedule of around-the-world performances, J.Lo recently became chief curator of Teeology, a company where artists submit their own designs, in the hopes that Lopez and the general public might select and later sell tees displaying their artwork.

Watch the video to see one lucky Teeology winner meet Lopez for the very first time. For more information on how you can submit your own designs, click here.