Spotlight on Ann & Michelle's Fashion and More

Spotlight on Ann & Michelle's Fashion and More

As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney continue their fight for the American presidency, their first ladies are garnering quite a bit of attention as well.

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While strikingly different, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney share a love for fashion, celebrity culture and recreation, as revealed in our recent interviews with the ladies.

Since the beginning, Michelle has caught the eye of fashionistas everywhere, but admits she enjoys dressing for the spotlight but is careful to avoid stealing it from her hubby.

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"I always say I might have a bright light shining on me and that's ok as long as it shines on the things that are standing with me," she tells ET. "I sort of welcome that attention as long as we eventually get back to the issues at hand."

Despite not having a stylist, Ann makes her fair share of headlines for her varied range of looks on the campaign trail. Known to rock the sleek, tailored look one day and a conservative suburban mom ensemble the next, her versatile wardrobe finds fans from all over the spectrum.

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How do Michelle and Ann compare and contrast with food cravings, celebrity crushes and must-watch TV? Watch the video to find out!