Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy's Dramatic Slim Down


Sharon Osbourne says she's finally found a diet that is working wonders for her so she decided to sign on as a spokeswoman for the Atkins weight-loss program.

Sharon -- who turns 60 on October 9 -- told ET in an interview after her announcement that she's already lost 11 pounds in the past two weeks and has a goal to shed another 12 pounds to reach her ideal weight. The star also said she's also in a weight-loss competition at home with her rocker husband Ozzy, who has already dropped a whopping 18 pounds on the Atkins plan.

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"I don't like to call it a diet because it's a way of life," the star of The Talk and America's Got Talent said about Atkins, which emphasizes the use of vegetables and protein-rich foods. "You can eat as much as you want of certain foods. So it's really not a diet, it's a change of life." 

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Sharon -- who has admittedly long struggled with her weight and dabbled in numerous diets over the years and even underwent lap-band surgery -- said she's now enjoying the fact that she doesn't feel deprived of food as long as she eats the right things.

VIDEO: Sharon Osbourne Breaks Down on The Talk

Watch the video for more weight-loss tips from Sharon, who is also documenting her diet progress on her own personal Atkins blog.