Behind the Scenes with Chiqui at ET

Behind the Scenes with Chiqui at ET

We're behind the scenes at ET with Chiquinquira Delgado -- aka Chiqui – as she gets her hair and makeup done in preparation to appear on tonight's ET!

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Chiqui visited the set of the new season of Modern Family for ET, and the energetic Venezuelan TV host has a preview just for ETonline of her fun day with Sofia Vergara and the other cast members.

"It was so funny, and Sofia, it was crazy to speak with her in English, Spanish, Spanglish," says Chiqui, who was first on the Modern Family set this season, with a smile.

The season premiere of Modern Family is September 26 on ABC, and during the episode that Chiqui visited, Sofia Vergara's character enjoys a surprise pregnancy.

Chiqui is seen daily in the Univision Network show Despierta America. Watch the video for her Spanish shout out to all those Univision viewers too!

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Watch ET tonight for more with Chiqui and the cast of Modern Family