Bradley Cooper Unveils an Interest in Politics


Bradley Cooper may be best known on the big screen for being a reckless party animal, but the Hangover actor may one day become the antithesis of that role in real life, as he revealed an interest in becoming a politician sometime in the future.

Backstage at the Hollywood Awards with host Nancy O'Dell, who was hurrying back and forth between the stage and ET's backstage interviewing platform, Cooper talked about his affinity for politics.

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"I'm a fan of politics," he said on the topic of Monday's presidential debates. "I think it's a very noble profession."

Voted People's 2011 Sexiest Man Alive, Nancy joked about him being a popular candidate for any election that he enters based on his reception with the ladies. Cooper admitted that that might not be the right "barometer" for determining the success his political career, which he hopes to one day launch in his hometown of Philadelphia.

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As the presidential candidates make their cases to the American people to vote for them in November, the stars at the awards show expressed their interest in voting this year and urged the public to do so as well. Avengers actor Chris Evans emphasized his duty as a celebrity to encourage voter activity.

"I absolutely do," Evans responded when asked if he thinks Hollywood makes a difference in voter turnout. "You have a voice; you have an opportunity to be heard. I know we're just actors--we're not curing cancer; we're not solving world hunger--but if you have a chance to be heard, why not say what you think?"

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The show's first presenter, Evans was part of a long list of celebrities who presented on the night, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Helen Hunt, and Amanda Seyfried. Also presenting was Susan Sarandon, who shared her views on the entertainment industry's influence on elections.

"Now that so much money is involved in the election...I guess Hollywood is neck-and-neck with corporate America trying to match funds of all the money that other people are pouring in, so I think, in that sense, Hollywood is important," the Dead Man Walking star said. "I don't think Hollywood can tell anybody who to vote for, but in terms of keeping the machine going, I think the fundraising is important."