Katie Holmes Beams on Broadway Opening Night


ET caught up with a radiant-looking Katie Holmes Thursday night at the big Broadway opening of her new play Dead Accounts, in which the 33-year-old plays Lorna, a single woman trying to put her life together while living with her aging parents in Cincinnati.

"You know, it feels really exciting. So many friends and family were here supporting and that means so much," Katie said about the highly anticipated night. "And this cast is so wonderful. It's just a real pleasure to be part of this."

Video: Katie Holmes on Her New Broadway Role

Katie tells ET she can particularly relate to her character Lorna because of their shared Midwestern roots (Katie grew up in Toledo, Ohio).

"What I love about this play [is] I think [playwright Theresa Rebeck] did a wonderful job in creating this world of characters that are very real," she said. "I play Lorna who is from Cincinnati and is living at home still, and you know, it's really fun. Being from the Midwest -- the jokes I get."

A number of famous faces came out to see Katie's performance, including Brooke Shields, Nathan Lane and Twisted Sister rocker Dee Snider.

"To me this is Katie's coming-out party," said Dee, who was a fan favorite on Celebrity Apprentice this year. "I mean, I'm very impressed with the way she's handled herself post-divorce and coming to New York was a great thing. ... I'm here to welcome her."

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Dee was even more blunt when speaking about Katie's highly publicized divorce from Tom Cruise.

"I mean, she's been so smart -- really. She's demystified the whole thing," he said. "She's been under guard -- under lock and key for years now -- and she just said, 'You know what, I'm pulling the plug on that and bringing my daughter to New York and am just gonna live my life,' and that's smart."

Check out the video to hear Katie's holiday plans, and hear Dee get even more candid regarding Lindsay Lohan's latest legal drama.