The Beekman Boys Spill Wedding Details


Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge won a million dollars on Sunday night's Amazing Race finale, but they have something even more exciting to look forward to -- their 2013 wedding!

Josh and Brent tell ET that the celebration of their 15-year relationship will be held at their Beekman 1802 farm in Sharon Springs, NY in May or June of 2013. Read on to hear what they have to say about the festivities in part two of our Q&A. (Read part one here.)

ETonline: Talking about your wedding that's coming up this spring/summer, can you tell us, what's your wedding style? What kind of direction you're going in? Are you having a theme? Anything like that?

Brent: Well, it's definitely going to be on the farm. And we'll probably have it out in a field, we've kind of chosen the location where we want to have it, weather permitting. And it will be just like everything we do at Beekman 1802, it's a little bit country and a little bit city.

Josh: And a lot of community involvement.

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ETonline: Are you enjoying the wedding planning process?

Brent: We haven't started yet. (Everyone laughs.)

ETonline: Well, you better get going on that, it takes awhile.

Josh: I know, we're kind of dreading that.

Brent: Well, we know one thing for sure, we're going to invite lots of people but it's going to be a pot luck.

ETonline: Oh great, that's a great idea. I love that.

ETonline: Do you have any fun holiday plans?

Josh: If you look on our website, we baked all of our racers as gingerbread men.

Brent: So people can see if they can identify them or not.

Josh: We did that this past weekend. But my family's coming out and we'll probably celebrate.

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ETonline: What are your goals for your Beekman 1802 brand?

Josh: Our goals remain the same. We want to build a brand that is about quality and community, helping different artisans make a living doing what they want to do. That's unchanged and, what we love about Fabulous Beekman Boys and The Amazing Race is that it helps put a spotlight on what we're doing and all the great things our village has accomplished. I'm always so happy for shows like Fabulous Beekman Boys and The Amazing Race because it proves that reality television doesn't have to be sensationalist drama, it can actually help impact people's lives in a really positive way.

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