Jillian Michaels Exposes Common Dieting Myths

Jillian Michaels Exposes Common Dieting Myths

Having been immersed in fitness and exercise world for over twenty years, Jillian Michaels has heard it all when it comes to dieting. With the array of conflicting information out there, the Biggest Loser trainer discredits some of the most common myths about dieting.

"I hear so many thing out there that are just ridiculous: 'I eat small meals,' 'I fast two times a month,' or 'I've cut out carbs,'" said Michaels, who recently returned to The Biggest Loser. "I hear all this stuff and none of it's accurate. In fact, a lot of it will do harm to your metabolism."

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Michaels has published a series of books and DVDs on healthily maintaining one's fitness in her career as a physical trainer, and has now published another book, Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast, and Lasting Weight Loss.

In the book, Michaels sets the record straight on widespread dieting fallacies and gave a few examples to ET in her interview.

"For example, eating small meals throughout the day [is] one of the absolute worst things you can do for your metabolism. The goal is to eat...four meals every four hours," she clarified. "Cleansing and fasting: another horrible thing you can do to your metabolism. [It] makes the body store fat. You cleanse the body by eating clean food, not by fasting your system."

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Michaels has brought her fitness expertise back to The Biggest Loser this season after departing after the show's eleventh season in 2011. She explained why it was a good time for her to come back.

"The first part is [that] both my kids are home and that whole process and journey of literally creating was a two-year endeavor," she said, mentioning her business endeavors as an important part of decision-making process as well.

"...Being a mom, with the show choosing to take a stand on childhood obesity and this being an issue that I'm very passionate about...having this platform to get out a message and information to empower our youth is something I could not pass up."

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Watch the full interview to hear Michaels talk about motherhood and preview some of the fitness tips in her book, Slim for Life, which is now in stores.