Exclusive: Sheen Explains Why He Roots for Lohan

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In the wake of Lindsay Lohan's entry into rehab following her most recent court appearance, ET's Rob Marciano interviewed Charlie Sheen on the set of Anger Management to talk up Lohan's guest appearance on the FX show and Sheen's concerns regarding her struggles.

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When asked if Sheen is worried for Lohan, he replies, "You have to be. But I think she seems a lot more focused now than she was five, six months ago. There is a reason that I root for [her], because we fell in love with this little girl that was just an absolute genius and had this great light about her and that's still there. You can't extinguish that. I root for her because when you're that talented it just doesn't go away. Sometimes your appetites get in the way."

Marciano went on to ask if Sheen sees any of himself in Lohan given his high-profile struggle with substance abuse and run-ins with the law.

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"Hell yeah," says Sheen. "But I, not to insult her because I'm who I am and she is who she is, I got things a little bit quicker or had better opportunities, better timing. They let me off the hook a lot sooner then they seem to want to do with her."

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