Paltrow's Mom Reacts to 'Most Beautiful' Title


Following the backlash surrounding Gwyneth Paltrow's crowning as People magazine's World's Most Beautiful Woman, ET caught up with the Oscar winner's mom, Blythe Danner, at the Tribeca Film Festival Awards where she dished on her daughter's new title.

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"Icing on the cake," Danner told ET exclusively. "It's a nice thing, right?"

Danner's statement comes after Paltrow gave her reaction to ET's Nancy O'Dell at Marvel's Iron Man 3 premiere on Wednesday.

"Are you kidding me?" Paltrow said when asked if she would remain humble. "For God's sake, after all I've been through?" Paltrow continued, insisting that the honor would not go to her head.

Since People's announcement, the actress has been lambasted as being "elitist," "pompous" and a "rail-thin Hamptons Barbie" who is "afraid of food," but The Cult of Celebrity author Dr. Cooper Lawrence suggests that it may be unfair to pick on Paltrow, saying, "I don't think she means to come across as condescending. I think that's just who she is and she's trying to be honest."

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