Hollywood's Most Powerful Plus-Sized Stars


ET is ranking the top five big, beautiful female celebs in our Powerful Plus-Sized countdown.

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As an Oscar nominee and Grammy winner, Queen Latifah was a no-brainer for our list, coming in at No. 5.

"All the products that she has -- makeup line (the Queen Collection), clothes, two fragrances -- are going to explode. They're only going to get bigger," said Merle Ginsberg, senior writer at The Hollywood Reporter.

Never shy about showing her curves, Girls creator, producer and star Lena Dunham comes in at No. 4.

"It's meaningful to me to be on TV not necessarily looking like a member of the cast of Gossip Girl," said Lena.

Rebel Wilson -- our third place star -- reportedly wasn't allowed to lose weight while filming Pitch Perfect and can soon be seen having a super fun time on her upcoming TV show.

"On Super Fun Night I'm encouraging girls who may not feel they are the prettiest or the most popular to just go out there and have a life," said Rebel.

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The silver medal goes to Kirstie Alley, who is known for her weight battles as much as her TV and movie roles.

"It's so good for people to see Hollywood people like this, because that's what people look like!" said Merle Ginsberg.

Watch the video to find out who's No. 1!