Andy Dick Talks Making Out with an 'Old' Lady


Andy Dick reminisced on his days as a budding star while visiting's new web series All Growz Up, hosted by actress and comedienne Melinda Hill.

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The 47-year-old actor explained how a play he starred in at 17 contained a defining moment in his career.

"One day we had rehearsals where my lead woman couldn't show up, so they brought in a 55 year old that I had to makeout with," Andy said with a grimace.

After working together, the woman gave Andy a type-written letter, saying, "Dear Andy, you really have it. I hope you keep this up."

Now, as a veteran star of TV and film, Andy has entirely different advice for aspiring comedians and actors. "Get out!" said the former NewsRadio star. "You'd be more lucky walking into a 7-Eleven and buying a scratcher."

All Growz Up, which bows today, features a different comedian in every episode talking about their childhood in an alley behind Melinda Hill's weekly, live comedy night, Tiger Lily, in Los Angeles.

Upcoming guests include Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writer Wayne Federman and New Girl writer Molly McAleer.