Paul Walker's First ET Interview in '99


As Hollywood and fans continue to mourn Paul Walker's death, ET dug into our tape vault for our first interview with him in 1999.

While Walker is primarily known for starring in the Fast & Furious franchise, he took a variety of other film roles, including Into the Blue and She's All That.

VIDEO: Paul Walker Shares His Dream in Last ET Interview

His most iconic film apart from Fast & Furious was the film that brought him into the Hollywood vanguard in the first place: Varsity Blues.

In the film, Walker plays the role of Lance Harbor, a starting quarterback for a high school football team who becomes injured and is unable to play his senior season.

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Sitting down with ET for the first time, Walker jokes about his hatred for co-star Scott Caan and discusses the on-set chemistry and his character.

As he admits in the interview, he lived vicariously through his character.

"Who hasn't dreamt about being a star player in virtually every sport, you know?" Walker says. "...Here I was, I had the opportunity to play in front of thousands upon thousands of screaming fans, and I was the quarterback on top of it, you know?"

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