Court Upholds Conrad Murray Conviction in MJ Trial

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An appellate court has decided once and for all that there was "substantial evidence" of Conrad Murray's guilt presented during the Michael Jackson death trial, The Associated Press reports.

Murray served two years in jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson following the pop icon's 2009 death. Murray was released from jail less than three months ago.

The former cardiologist appealed his conviction on the claim that some jurors may have been improperly excluded from hearing key evidence. Had he won his appeal, it could've helped him fight to regain his medical license.

"We have not found any errors in the conduct of the trial, and in the few instances where we have assumed error for purposes of discussion, we have not found prejudice or, indeed, any significant adverse impact," the ruling stated.

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The ruling goes on to claim that Murray's "callous disregard for Mr. Jackson's health and safety was shown throughout the trial from the manner in which he administered a number of dangerous drugs to Mr. Jackson without the appropriate medical equipment, precautions or personnel in place, and to the manner in which he left Mr. Jackson unattended," the opinion stated. "The evidence demonstrated that Mr. Jackson was a vulnerable victim and that (Murray) was in a position of trust, and that (Murray) violated the trust relationship by breaching standards of professional conduct in numerous respects."

Michael Jackson died at age 50 in June 2009 after receiving a powerful dose of the anesthetic propofol.