More Stars Join 'No Kids Policy' Paparazzi Fight


More notable stars and publications are joining the fight to protect their children from the paparazzi: Eric Dane and Minnie Driver share their thoughts about where photographers need to draw the line, while Minnie reveals a scary run-in while out with her baby that literally brought her to tears. Watch the video...


"I got surrounded by these photographers," explains Minnie, whose new TV show About a Boy premiered this week, of trying to shield her newborn from the invasive, incessant flashes. "They were flashing and I started crying and saying stop, stop, stop! ... There is something incredibly creepy and weird about taking pictures of children."

Dane, who is currently in production on his new show The Last Ship, tells ET, "I think kids are off limits. I mean, we signed up for this -- this is part of our job, more or less, and we chose this life and everything that comes along with it -- and our children didn't. ... My oldest doesn't like it that much; she only wants mommy and daddy to take pics of her, so we just tell her to smile and try and be as gracious as she can, but it's gotta be tough for them because not only are people jumping out of bushes to get pictures, and not only is it jarring, but I don't want them growing up thinking everybody is going to be taking pictures of them. That's not the norm."

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People magazine, Entertainment Weekly and celebrity website have announced that they're joining the "No Kids Policy" created by Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard, who are leading the charge against photographers who take pictures of celebrities' children without consent; ET also supports the Veronica Mars and Parenthood stars. Since the birth of their daughter, Bell and Shepard have been vocal on this topic and decline interviews with media outlets known to purchase images from the paparazzi. Both actors have passionately campaigned, especially through their personal social media platforms, to motivate others and bring more attention to this cause.