Katy Talks Becoming an Aunt & Helping Deliver Baby


A week ago, Katy Perry posted a brief Twitter message alluding to the fact that she'd helped deliver a baby in a living room during a "miracle of a day." The pop star is now providing more information about the birth, confirming Wednesday on an Australian morning TV show that it was in fact her sister's baby, making her a first-time Aunt!  

"My sister just had a baby in her living room about five days ago and I was there," the 29-year-old Katy told Australia's Plus 7 Channel's Sunrise show while promoting her upcoming Prismatic world tour. "I was like kind of filming it Scorsese style," she joked, referencing the iconic Hollywood director Martin Scorsese.

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It had been speculated that Katy's older sister Angela was the person referred to in the Twitter post, but Katy had previously not confirmed it. When pressed for more details, Katy simply said, "I was there, I was helping -- I think I was helping."

Watch the video to also get a glimpse of the singer -- wearing a colorful patterned frock dress -- doing the weather report for all of Australia with the help of "the nifty wand that all weather reporters use."

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