Samantha Harris Video Diary: Inside Her Breast Cancer Battle


Samantha Harris takes ET inside her battle with breast cancer with her very own video diary.

Former ET correspondent Samantha Harris is letting ET into her personal journey battling breast cancer, creating a video diary documenting the entire process from diagnosis to post-op.

Harris, 40, announced her breast cancer diagnosis in April, and underwent a double mastectomy in May.

Video: Samantha Harris Announces She Has Breast Cancer

In her video diary that she shares with ET, Harris bravely lets her fans know what she’s feeling, no matter how personal the moment may be.

"I don't want this whole video diary to be of me crying, and I really try to stay strong, but I'm scared," an emotional Harris admits. " ... I know that cancer's not a death sentence when you're lucky enough to have type 1A. They say I'm lucky -- and it never feels lucky when someone says you have cancer -- but I feel really lucky."

In fact, Harris clearly strives to look at the bright side of the situation, including having fun "boob shopping" with her husband Michael Hess!

"We have the book -- the whole entire thick book of breasts, and we have to choose which ones we ideally want," she smiles. "He wants them of course much larger than what I want, but I want to make sure they're not restricting my movement -- that I can still be athletic and physical."

Check out the video to see Hess' hilarious comeback.

Video: Samantha Harris' Double Mastectomy Fears

To see more of Harris' video diary, tune in to ET tonight.