George Lucas Museum Headed To Chicago

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After many cities vied for the opportunity, Star Wars creator George Lucas has chosen Chicago to be the home of his future $700 million museum.

Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities intimately connected with Lucas – he grew up in the Bay Area and went to USC – had been courting Lucas and his upcoming institute. However, his wife's home town, the Windy City, won his favor.

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According to The Chicago Tribune, the full name of the museum will be the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, and it will be founded and funded with a portion of the $4 billion Lucas received from Disney when he sold LucasArts in 2012. It is currently scheduled to open in 2018.

Before choosing Chicago, Lucas reportedly wanted to build in San Francisco, on the waterfront. However, when the city denied the location of his choice, and Lucas rejected their alternate suggestions, the decision was finalized for Chicago.

The museum will feature many different aspects of Lucas's sprawling collection of art and memorabilia, including paintings by artist Norman Rockwell, thousands of props and production items from his Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, and a massive collection of movie posters.

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