JK Rowling Publishes New Harry Potter Short Story! Gives Glimpse of 34-Year-Old Harry

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JK Rowling shocks fans with a new Harry Potter short story.

Harry Potter fans rejoice!

It's been seven years since JK Rowling has published any new Harry Potter text – and three years since the last film -- but the writer shocked fans Tuesday when she released a brand-new 1500-word chapter on her website Pottermore.

The story focuses on a now 34-year-old Harry, who's of course married to Ginny. The two are attending the Quidditch World Cup -- timely, given the current World Cup in Brazil --  with his best friends Ron and Hermione, also married.

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The response to the brand-new Harry Potter material has already been overwhelming -- the Pottermore site crashed shortly after she posted the short story, which is written as an article by Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter, who readers will remember as the less-than-likable witch journalist from the beloved series.

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Click here to read the new tale, but beware – reading about a Harry with greying hair will make you feel pretty old.