Kylie Jenner Pulled Over by Police-Gets 2 Tickets!


Kylie Jenner isn't exactly having the best luck with driving.

The 16-year-old ran into more problems with the law yesterday afternoon. California Highway Patrol confirms that they pulled over the driver of a black SUV, believed to be Kylie.

According to officials, "The driver was identified as a minor with a provisional driver license. The driver had a passenger in the vehicle under the age of 20, subsequently the driver was cited for tint and provisional license violations."

While she's had her license for less than a year, this isn't the first time that Kylie's been pulled over. In January, the reality star was ticketed in Malibu for speeding in her brand-new $125,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV roughly four months after her sweet sixteen.

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This news follows a controversial video Kylie posted to Vine in which she's seen taking her hands off of the wheel of her car while driving.

But Kylie didn't let something like this ruin her day! She later posed for this photo with her bestie: