Liam Payne Responds to Fat-Shaming Bullies


One Direction’s Liam Payne is sharing his body mass index in an attempt to prove that he’s not overweight. Liam Payne has been criticized for gaining weight and isn’t taking the heat. He first went on Instagram to take a jab at the fat comments.

Liam stuffed his shirt and wrote a sarcastic caption saying, “I mean OH MY GOD I'm just so fat these days I think I need help! Quick someone take the cookie jar.”

After this, he decided to show the world that he is normal. With a BMI of 22.8, Liam captioned this Instagram, “Now just because I'm sick of seeing this everyday so I just want to clear up what the media do to people these days. Is it wrong to be normal? Or do I have to look like an Olympic swimmer just to get your approval into the cool kids or can I accept that the person I truly love thinks I'm the coolest kid in town anyway? Think I'll vote the second one ;) enjoy your day people.”

Just a week ago, Liam posted his swimsuit body. He looks pretty fit in this one!

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Proving that guys aren’t safe from body criticism, what do you think about the way Liam addressed his critics?

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