Did This Mexican Singer Remove Her Ribs to Be Thinner?


Some stars will do just about anything to be thin ...or for an Instagram joke.

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Mexican actress/singer Thalia shocked everyone when she posted an Instagram video on Tuesday claiming that a jar of ribs were the ones she had surgically removed to maintain her small waistline. She had admitted a week prior on a Philippine news show that she had the procedure done -- or did she?

She wrote: "To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof I love [heart] My Famous Ribs, I kept them with me all these years And the Saga continues..... @LOVEKRISAQUINO #AQUINOANDABUNDA #MARIMAR #MYTH #THALIASRIBS #THALIASWAISTLINE #Thaliasnewnovela #Formalin #SOUVENIRS."

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However, as it turns out Thalia has quite the sense of humor. Confessing that she was only kidding in a later Instagram post, she wrote: "Nope...Not mine!" 

She also posted a pic of a plate of delicious ribs that she captioned: "These are mine!... And I like them extra spicy just like me."

You'd think after three posts about ribs, Thalia would be over her little joke, but no, one more post. This time, she's eating the ribs, writing: "To all my Filipino Fans, Tadaaaa!!! Here is My Famous Ribs, would you like to try some?"

In addition, the 42-year-old also tweeted: "You think I removed my ribs? Yes, no? #ThaliasRibs #Myth."

We get that those probably aren't Thalia's ribs in the jar, but did she actually have the surgery to remove them or is it ALL a joke? What do you think?