Rihanna Reveals Her Pick for Sexiest Man Alive

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Rihanna knows how to pull off sexy – having made the sexiest and hottest lists for FHM and Maxim and having been named Esquire's 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive. But her idea of a sexy man may surprise you!

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In an interview with Elle, Rihanna takes the attention off herself to praise other celebrities.

She says, "Penelope Cruz is the sh*t. If I could wake up and look like her tomorrow, that would be great. Mia Wallace [Uma Thurman's Pulp Fiction character] is gangsta. She’s epic."

More telling about what she likes, she says that Vince Vaughn is the sexiest man alive, "He's amazing. Fantastic."

In terms of keeping us guessing, she says she’s living by Leonardo DiCaprio's words, "Avoid obviousness. That's what makes you create something, that's the excitement, that's the thrill."

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RiRi is definitely keeping busy. With 13 number-one singles, seven Grammy awards and a MAC makeup line, she still has time to make fashion statements. One of the reasons she looks so good may just be her quick fix.

She says, "When I feel like my skin has had it, I cut all the alcohol completely and overdo the water."

So there you have it. To look more like Rihanna, we should be drinking some good old H2O!

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