Watch the Heartwarming Moment a Mother With Alzheimer's Recognizes Her Daughter Again


Here's that "Awww!" video to get your week started right (because, let’s be honest, the regular news cycle has been pretty brutal lately). 

It’s called "Gods Gift," but it’s sure to warm your heart no matter what you believe in: An 87-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s recognizing her daughter again. "[She] knew who I was," her daughter," Kelly Gunderson, writes. "Even if it was just for a moment."

Watch the touching moment below:

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“Do you know you’re my mama? A while ago you said you didn’t know that you were my mama,” Kelly asks in the video, to which her mom laughs, “I’m your mama? Alright, I’ll be your mama.”

“Do you know who I am though?” Kelly asks.

“Kelly,” mom responds. And though we don’t know what Kelly and her mother have been through, Kelly’s smile says it all. Her mom continues, “Well I love Kelly. And didn’t I name you Kelly? I love you, Kelly!”

Bonus cuteness points because mom and daughter have identical laughs.

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