Jessica Simpson Shares 5 Essential Lessons for a Happy Marriage

Glamour Magazine

Jessica Simpson shares five lessons she's learned that's she's taking into her new marriage.

Simpson said "I do" to Eric Johnson in July and admits to Glamour magazine that at this time in her life she feels "truly comfortable" in her own skin. "Better exercise habits, food choices, and lifestyle changes have contributed to this, but ultimately, my confidence comes from my state of mind," she writes. "Every decision I've made has brought me here."

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Here are five quotes from the marriage vows Simpson shared with the women's magazine:

1. Remember who you are--and honor her.
"I’m certainly not perfect, but when I look in the mirror, I’m proud of the woman I see. I’m not only someone’s mother, wife, and daughter--I’m me."

2. Let him love all of you.
"Eric has seen me at every size, and he loves me no matter what. ...Eric's unconditional love has been a reminder of the love I should give myself."

3. Invest in "me time."
"I sometimes second-guess spending time working—I want to be with my kids as much as possible! Then I remember how satisfying work is for me, and because I am fulfilled, I can offer the best version of myself to my family."

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4. Small indulgences can make a big difference.
"I didn't want to deprive myself or give up the foods (and cocktails!) I love in order to feel beautiful on my wedding day. "

5. Honor your support system.
"The loving support of my friends and family has been the magic behind how amazing I felt on my wedding day. I believe that because I've nurtured and cherished these relationships, my marriage and the relationship I have with myself are strengthened daily."

Simpson concludes, "These are the vows that I've made toward a loving marriage. Hopefully they bring you closer to yourself and your happily-ever-after."

Head over to Glamour to see Simpson’s complete write-up, and check out her fairy-tale wedding in the video, below: